200hrs Kundalini Tantra Yoga

Teacher Training Course

3-week Intensive


3-23 AUGUST 2020


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Hello and welcome...

...to our UK Intensive Teacher Training programme for 2019. All the information here will help you understand if our 200hr Yoga Alliance accredited training will be the right next step in your yoga journey.

We are just a click away if you would like to talk about it in person.

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3rd - 23rd August 2020

Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, UK

What is tantra?

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Senior Yoga Teacher & Reiki Healing Master

Ildy assists on all aspects of the training and plays the lead role in asana (physical postures) instruction.  She has vast experience in running yoga classes. Her a passion for yoga and Ayurveda will inspire the same in you and her friendly, supportive manner  will help you progress at an amazing pace.

Previously a black belt in Karate, Ildy discovered yoga in 2000 whilst travelling in India and spending 1 month in an ashram. She developed her own practice for a decade before returning for another course as she decided that it was her purpose in life to live and teach yoga. Having gone through the process of bringing traditional yoga into western classes, she has experience in what it's like to be a new teacher and will help you avoid the common pitfalls that many make. 
She is a very intuitive teacher to guide people from the heart something that is hard to explain as it needs to be experienced. Whether you are an absolute beginner or having been practising for many years, she is able to create an environment where both simultaneously feel looked after and challenged.  

"Yoga is an integral part of my life and I strive to continually learn. I teach from the heart, It is an honour to share this ancient science and art with others"



Tantra Yoga Teacher & Spiritual Guide

"It is relatively well known that all modern styles of yoga came from Hatha Yoga. It’s lesser known that Hatha is a simplified variation of some of techniques collected from the Tantra’s. The most effective yoga practices cannot be found or are not fully disclosed in the most popular yogic texts referred to in modern teacher trainings. I am blessed to be part of the oral tradition that has preserved the most effective teaching. It is my life’s works to continue spreading this knowledge with the right students"
  As part of this course Anand will offer his knowledge on dynamics at play in this life, giving you a window into a sacred knowledge that he has gained through his own education and exploration in the classroom and individually so that you can overcome and master your reality. 
Anand (born in India) is a Yogi, international speaker, presenter and visionary. He has worked tirelessly towards the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of humanity through powerful yoga programs, teacher training courses and volunteers to run public service projects.



Yoga Teacher and GP, Anatomy and Physiology

Babus, having had a stressful career in medicine as a GP and had chronic health issues and mounting stress.
When conventional western medicine didn’t really help her get to the source of the issues, she decided to try yoga. She was taken aback with the holistic nature of yoga practice and just how much this ancient practice is relevant still today.
In the Teacher Training Course, she is going to help you with the Anatomy and Physiology knowledge that you are required to learn during your training. As a medical doctor, it is something that is close to her heart and that is very familiar to her.


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What does the course look like?

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SUPER EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT £1699 ONLY until 31st December (if paid fully)  


EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT Only £2199 if a deposit of £500 is paid to secure your place by  31st May 2020 and with the remaining balance to be paid by June 30th 2020.


After this, the regular price is £2799. 


The price includes all food and accommodation in separate male and female dormitories. Training accredited by the Yoga Alliance. 


Cancellation Policy:

Deposit is strictly non-refundable, except in the unlikely case of cancellation by the organiser when all monies will be refunded in full.


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Student Feedback


5 students from the last intensive kindly volunteered to share their experiences on the last day of the course so that you can hear some first hand feedback.

SHORT VIDEO 2.15 mins
Cara's feedback, a short section of the full video

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