What Makes The Reach Approach Unique?

What we offer at Reach is much more than counselling and psychotherapy. 

We offer what could be described as ‘psycho-education’ – which means in addition to the therapeutic process, we provide via a number of media, resources that can help deepen the understanding of the human condition. 

Our model is built on substantial clinical experience, tried and tested methods, client-feedback and extensive research.

We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to mental and physical health, which is why we’ve taken a great time and care to create a synergistic model (see: The Story of Health), a model that is not dogmatically wedded to a single ideology or methodology – but is far-reaching, inclusive and embraces numerous ways of viewing what it means to be human.

We passionately believe that ‘truth’ in all its guises can be found within many schools of thought, philosophies and modalities… and that the real skill is finding the points of convergence – where for example, science meets spirituality; where often opposing religious practices and traditions share common values and principles; and where past ways of viewing the world actually help underpin present-day thinking.

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