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28 Sep 2019 - 28 June 2019


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Our training will give you the deepest yogic knowledge. You will learn how to lead classes that will inspire, rejuvenate and expand the abilities of your students.


Indian Wellness Academy is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance US, which designates this teacher training program as one which follows Yoga Alliance’s standards. Students who complete an approved training with this school may be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs)


Our teacher training course will give you the most authentic and complete yogic training. It is led by Sri Vijay Anand, an Indian yogi, international speaker and visionary teacher for over 30 years. Anand's extensive experience and captivating manner will help you become the best teacher you can be.


You will develop a strong yogic practice, discovering many different techniques and using the ones that are most powerful for you. Your competence in the physical poses or “Asana” will rapidly advance, as will your understanding of how to teach others.


What sets the course apart from the rest is that that all techniques, methods and philosophy will be taught from what is today considered a classical yogic view point but also the lesser taught tantra view point. In reality, Tantra is a fundememntal part of the Yoga, the apparent divide is a result of historic social and political factors that will be explained as part of hte facinating yogic history element of the course. By brining both approaches back together you will recieve a more complete yogic understanding and the chance to learn the most powerful ancient techniques that you will not find in text books as they are only passed directly to a student from a guru.


It's free from relgious dogma, just as yoga was intended. Mythology is included only when it serves as anology for the practical learnings.


You will experience first hand the transforming effect of yoga. Aside form the benefits this will bring to you own health and well-being, this will make you a more confident and knowledgeable teacher for your future students.


It is a demanding course that should not be undertaken lightly. With that said, a commitment to give your most to the training is the key requirement of potential students. You do not need previous teaching experience or yoga practice. Equally, if you are already a yoga teacher you will find the course will expand greatly on what you have already learned and possibly some preconceptions you have about yoga.


It will take place over 1 weekend per month for ten months and in between each session you will be required to practice and study regularly. Anand and the rest of Indian Wellness Academy team will be on hand to support you at all times, during and after the course. You will also receive advice and marketing support for promoting your own yoga classes.


The next Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher Course takes place in Moseley, Birmingham, England. After successfully completing the course, the participants will be able to confidently lead a yoga class and share their knowledge for the benefit of others. It will enable you to teach though you may just want to come for self-development.



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Course fee:

Early bird application by 30 June -  £1899


Deposit: £500 - pay deposit here


After this date, full price: £2099



Cancellation policy

Deposit is strictly non-refundable.


In case of cancellation by the organiser all your fees (deposit included) will be refunded.


This is a 10 month-course which requires you to commit to one full weekend participation a month. Saturday and Sunday (16 hours / weekend)

Time: 10 - 6pm on both Saturday and Sunday


Course Dates


September 28/29

October 19/20

November 16/17

December 7/8



January 25/26

February 22/23

March 28/29

April 25/26

May 30/31

​June 27/28



You will receive 160 hours of theoretical and practical instruction at the weekend sessions.


Practical experience

You will log 40 hours of personal teaching practice to class mates, friends or family over the duration of the course.



You will need to commit to a minimum of 20 hours a month of home study and personal practice to complete the training


Teacher Training Syllabus



How the physical postures should be performed and sequenced. Includes variations you can give to students who made need easy versions and progressions into the full posture. We will also cover how and when to adjust a students form.


How to instruct and manage a class

You will learn the art of teaching, in other words; how to inspire and motivate students safely, when to let students find their own way and how to manage groups with mixed levels of ability.


Anatomy. Physiology and Human Energy Design

How the body works and how yoga can enhance the various system within it e.g. muscular, skeletal, respiratory, endocrine etc. You will be bale to explain the all the benefits yoga can bring to th ebody, mind and soul.


The Chakra system

This energy system is a central concept that is shared throughout eastern approaches to health and well being . We think everyone interested in yoga needs to understand the critical difference between the tantric and classical yoga approaches to understanding, balancing and optimising the chakras.


Kundalini Energy Transformation

Often only covered in a mystical sense in standard teacher trainings course, we will explain what it is, how it can be safely activated and what to do with it.


Tantric Sanjeevani and Shambhavi Kriyas

Kriya is translated as “action” and is used in several different contexts in yoga. The Kriya’s you will learn are a series of seated exercises that will activate energy channels in the body. With only a short amount of regular practice you can experience the life changing effects of these ancient and incredibly powerful methods that will bring the theoretical concepts of the chakra system to life by making it something you have physically experienced for yourself.



Your breath is the link between body and mind. The benefits of regular pranayama exercise cannot be understated. The tantric methods have subtle but very important differences to those taught in a classical yoga approach. You will learn advanced methods for your own personal practice and basic methods suitable for using in a class or workshop.



The pinnacle of all yoga practice, meditation is so simple, yet so challenging. Fortunatley there are techniques in both the classical yoga and tantric schools that you can use to rapidly accelerate your own progress and when leading group meditation sessions.



Exploring the yogic concepts of the universe, our existence in it and most importantly, how to create a life of love and fulfilment. Introductions will be given to key classical texts such as Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s, and lesser known but equally important tantric volumes. This will include the 8 limbs of yoga and the 5 kosha’s.


Yoga History

From the original yogi's, known as Rishi's, right up to the all the weird and wonderful "styles" of yoga on offer today. Learn the often untold story behind the evolution of yoga and what the different approaches offer.

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