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We are excited to tell you more about this great journey to envision and inspire you for the new year. Take this opportunity to have the time to be and really set your intensions for this coming year. This day retreat will help you to;


•Restore and recover from busy festivities

•Get clear on what you want from this year

•Set your dreams in motion

•Learn how to get the best from your self

•Integrate your inspiration so it can carry you in to a happy 2019


Taking you on this Journey is;


Bequi Mae - Meditation & Yoga - Bequi lives to be inspired by life. Her gentle enthusiasm and gift of sight makes her a great person to learn and discover new ways of seeing and being. At this retreat she will help you to arrive and begin your journey of enquiry, to seek what it is that will really reward you this year. Through a slow and gentle practice this intention will begin to be embodied.  



Ildy- Yoga - Ildy’s gentle and caring nature makes her a powerful healer and gives her the ability to really lift your spirits. At this retreat Ildy’s yoga session will be aiming to do just that. Working to enliven and rejuvenate to stir up the energy we need to set our intentions in motion.



Anand - Yoga - Anand is a highly accomplished yoga teacher with many years experience teaching internationally. He has a gift to make some of the most advanced and effective yoga practices easily accessible for his students. Following a bring and share lunch Anand will be presenting a talk on how to stay centred and focussed with your intentions and keep your energy going through the year. This will be followed by a deep meditative practice hosted by Bequi Mae to help you integrate all you have learnt.



Amanda- Ecstatic Dance - Amanda is a true inspiration, she brings such a lovely way with her it is truly up-lifting. During this retreat Amanda will be leading you in an ecstatic dance session. This will be a great way to fully embody all you have made and integrated during the day. Dancing the new year in Happy. Letting you leave truly uplifted and inspired. Stepping in to an truly compelling future for 2019.