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We are citizens of two worlds: the world within and world without. To be a successful person we will need to understand how to build a bridge between these two worlds. Extreme views are not helpful to the world, nor are they helpful in our own lives. Meditation is a way of helping us to gain control of our thoughts and emotions. Control means to balance. To achieve it, we need to calm down the parts of the mind that are running fast. Meditation is a way of gaining this state of control and inner calm.


Why should you meditate?


We are all very much familiar with the word `stress`. To most of us `stress` is synonymous with worry. In simple terms if there is something that makes you worry then it is stress. This continuous state of stress can lead to depression. Feeling `stressed out` is your body's way of saying, `I cannot cope with this challenging situation`.

Meditation is a way to get to a stress-free, healthy and positive state of mind.


The meditation will include:    


  •    Breathing techniques

  •    Discourse (questions and answers)                  

  •    Sound therapy (Mantras)

  •    Light therapy (candle meditation)

  •    Guided relaxations and meditations


  • Fee:                                                                              

        To reserve your place please contact us, send an email to or ring 0755244 2963.

Meditation - Ross-on-Wye

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