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Five Tibetans Exercises Workshop


The 5 Tibetans represent a great way to keep your body in shape when you have limited time for a physical workout or limited space for a complete yoga routine. You can easily do the exercises in the space at the foot of the bed in most hotel rooms. We use the 5 Tibetans as a warm up for our morning yoga or body workout.


Some of the benefits of this exercise if done regularly.


Turn back the clock

Slow aging

Increase energy

Calm the mind

Strengthen the body

Improve mental clarity and focus

Reduce stress

Improve strength and flexibility

Improve breathing

Strengthen lower back core muscles


The Five Tibetan Rites strengthen all areas of the spine, promote circulation in the cardio-vascular and lymphatic systems, strengthen the core, arms, legs, anterior and posterior chain. Workshop format with modifications and step-by-step, progressive instructional style. All levels welcome.


Date: 24 November

6.30 - 8.30

Fee: £20