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Yoga retreats and courses run by Indian wellness Academy

Ayurvedic Cooking and Healthy Lifestyle Course

Dates: tbc


In Ayurveda food plays a prominent role in promoting health and is therefore considered medicine. Food nourishes not only the body but the mind and awareness as well. In Ayurveda food, drinks, and spices are categoriyed according to their taste (sweet, salty, sour, bitter, punget and astrigent), the energetic effect they have on the doshas, as well as their post-digestive effect on the tissues.


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Ayurvedic Cooking and Healthy Lifestyle Course  - Indian Wellness Acadmey Focus your mind with poses, stretches and breathing - - Indian Wellness Academy Yoga retreats

Course for spiritual awareness and self-development

Date: to be confirmed


Transformation of the self is the key to personal happiness and spiritual evolution. Spiritual Bio-Alchemy is a process that uses your mind, heart, body and soul to work with the deepest essence of the purpose of your life on earth, to manifest the life that you are truly longing for.


Location: Ross on Wye, Herefordshire. England


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Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course in London

First weekend: 10 - 11 February 2018



It is a year-long course which will enable you to teach yoga after but more importantly you can learn about yoga and immerse yourself in the knowledge.

Would you like to get a deeper understanding of yoga and yourself?

Would you like to be offered the opportunity to immerse yourself in yoga and experience the transformational effect of the course?


The next Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher Course takes place in Ross. After successfully completing the course, the participants will be able to confidently lead a yoga class and share their knowledge for the benefit of others. It will enable you to teach though you may just want to come for self-development.


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