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Couple Harmony Tantra Seminar

Date: tbc

Time: 6 - 9pm

Location: Ross on Wye


Looking for something thoughtful, romantic and original to do this Valentines?

















Spend a and fun and relaxed evening learning about the couple harmony techniques of the ancient yoga tantra system. You will be shown simple but incredibly effective yogic exercises for mastering sexual vitality. These techniques are proven to fundamentally enhance energy levels and can even help people detach from negative emotions or mindsets that are holding them back from experiencing life with the fullest joy, passion and excitement.


It's the greatest way to enhance the intimacy of any relationship and you learn and bring added vitality to all aspects of life, making you more happy, playful, spontaneous and the sort of person people just love to be around.


The workshop is run by Anand, a highly experienced international


​Spiritual Master ​(Indian Vedic Knowledge and Kundalini Tantra ​Yoga​)​ ​and ​his partner Ildy,​​ a ​very ​skilled yoga teacher​ with vast experience in Couple harmony and spiritual sexuality and relationship issues ​.Together they create a fascinating and entertaining workshop that absolutely anyone could attend and enjoy. Their passion is spreading the ancient yogic ​tantric ​teachings so that people can experience more joy in an often stressful world. What you will learn has the potential to rapidly transform your entire life. At the minimum it promises to be a Valentines date that you remember forever!


To book your place please email to :

The fee for the event: £80 for couples and £60 for singles

Places are limited!


Fee: £80 (For Couples), £60 for Singles.

Please let me know if you are interested in this course. Spaces are limited.