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Chakra Balancing Workshop

Dates: 14 November, 12 December, 23 January

Time: 6.30 - 9.30pm

Venue: Ross & District Motor Sports Club 25 Kyrle Street Ross-on-Wye HR9 7DB



Application: or call 0755 244 2963

visit the website:


Fee for the Course: £150 (advance one time payment for the entire course)

Monthly payment: £60


The Chakra system

This energy system is a central concept that is shared throughout eastern approaches to health and well being . We think everyone interested in yoga needs to understand the critical difference between the tantric and classical yoga approaches to understanding, balancing and optimising the chakras.


Chakra therapy

- What is chakra

- Locations of chakras

- Why is it important to keep the chakras in balance

- Symptoms of chakra balance and imbalance

- Different techniques (meditations, asanas, pranayamas, mantras, mudras) to purify and balance chakras


The course is taught by Master Yogi Anand. He has been an international holistic yoga educator for the last 30 years.


You will very quickly take your yoga practice to the next level and experience the life changing effects on your mind and well being that will open the doors to success, good health and abundance in every sphere of life.


The Bio-Alchemy of Spiritual Transformation


Transformation of the self is the key to personal happiness and spiritual evolution. Spiritual Bio-Alchemy is a process that uses your mind, heart, body and soul to work with the deepest essence of the purpose of your life on earth, to manifest the life that you’re truly longing for.

We are born with a subtle energy design operating in the ethereal and Astral body with 7 main energy strings. We need to HARMONIZE first 3 and 6 chakras.Once they are in balance they help to balance 2 and 5th which then help the root chakra to get stable.This makes a complete balance in one,four and seven chakra creating a blissful state full of love,joy and harmony!!!


We cannot afford to energize negative energy by focusing on a negative situation or a problem. The negative situation needs to be overcome in the initial stages of attack before it triggers a sickness in the body. If the negative situation is allowed to take root in the mind or body, it would continue to make us feel negative on a regular basis, thus, ensuring that we cannot be happy, however hard we may try externally to be.

When we tell ourselves that the problem will pass, we need to internally imagine feeling that the problem is already over. During pain, we have to shift our mental focus away from the pain to its opposite feeling. Pain creates negative hormones in the body. To heal the pain, we have to energize the reduction of negative hormones and increase of positive hormones in the body.

We create positive hormones in our body, by focusing on how we would feel when we are happy again. Energies multiply through focus be in reality or imagination. When our external realty is negative, we need to internally focus on being positive through using imagination. Through using will power to mobilize positive energy flow, we need to shift our mind away from the problem or pain. Hence, instead of feeling negative, we can choose to imagine being as healthy or happy again, as we were before the pain.

We evolve to a higher soul frequency by being optimistic after an encounter with negativity Happiness comes from the soul’s vibrations of feeling positive. When our soul feels happy, we become automatically healthier in our body.

In case of physical pain, you can imagine that the chakras connected to the organ of the body affected are being activated by your focus. The chakra gets cleansed and activated by you seeing each chakra lighted up and rotating freely without blockages. The chakras need to be mentally rotated in a direction which smoothens the pain. For example, in case of lower back pain, the root chakra and navel/sacral chakra have to be cleared and activated; whereas in case of throat pain, the throat chakra and third eye chakra have to be energized by activating life force within.

The third eye chakra when activated looks like a flame lighted up, burning with high intensity. Feel your pain situation getting dissolved in imagination, as you mentally radiate blue light and power from your chakra centers. Blue light taken in from the sky gives the feeling of peace and calm to all parts of the body which are in agitation and helps generate sleep, which heals. All physical pain has emotional learning attached which helps the soul evolve. For example, activating the root chakra helps in creating financial abundance through doing work which gives the soul happiness; whereas activating the third eye chakra helps to develop psychic intuitions. Healing the pains with mind power helps ease the mind as it facilitates perception of life beyond the material, external horizon.


Testimony from a student who have done this course:

`When I started the Spiritual Transformation Course I had only just discovered yoga and Ildy's wonderful tuition. Drawn like a magnet by the spiritual peace of her classes I quickly decided that I wanted to learn more about the background to yoga and so put my name down for the course. Anand has a wealth of complex sacred knowledge and experience to share and he and Ildy teach beautifully together giving the group an intimate, comfortable feel. The fascinating things I have learned during this course will stay with me forever and help me to find peace and balance. Highly recommended.`

I am also starting my Yoga Teacher Training Course with them in a few weeks.`

Tonia Peters


‘Having attended Ildy’s yoga classes for a number of years, I wanted to explore the underpinnings of yoga in more detail and the Spiritual Transformation Class taught by Anand and Ildy seemed to be the perfect opportunity to do this. I have enjoyed learning more about breathing and meditation techniques and use these strategies regularly at home now. I enjoy my yoga practice and the classes that I attend more deeply, and have really learned to feel the benefits of yoga both physically and mentally. I feel that when everyday life becomes challenging, I have a greater range of techniques to help me remain calm, feel in control and stay positive and relaxed. Yoga is becoming more embedded in my daily routines now and I hope I will be reaping the benefits of this for many years to come. Ildy and Anand have helped me stay motivated and have taught me how to listen to what my body and my mind needs.

Jane Robinson


Application: or call 0755 244 2963

visit the website:


Venue: Ross & District Motor Sports Club 25 Kyrle Street Ross-on-Wye HR9 7DB


Fee: £60