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My first encounter with yoga was in 2000 in India where I went travelling for a year. I completed a one-month long yoga course and I was then convinced that this is what I would like to be doing the rest of my life.

It took me a decade to realise that I should actually teach it and returned to India to complete my Yoga Teacher Training Course, which enabled me to change my life completely. Since then Yoga is an integral part of me and I strive to continually learn. I teach from the heart and only from personal experience. It is an honour to share this ancient science and art with others.


Every day I feel the need to take some time for myself and practise yoga. It feels my mind connects with my body and they really communicate in and amazing way together. It allows me to really listen to myself (body, mind and soul). I am able to fully understand my body, by knowing what it really needs. Also I learnt to really communicate with my mind and it gave me the ability to stop the conversation for a while, making place for inner peace, letting myself enjoy good energy and the beauty in each thing.

My training and teaching experience allows me to combine traditional Indian Yoga styles with a contemporary western approach to authentically help guide others to find their own love for, and benefits from Yoga.


My teaching is spontaneous, light-hearted and I aim to adapt to meet the energies and needs of the group.


I am deeply connected to the spiritual aspects of Yoga, but I also know that to tame your mind and find the still and small voice inside, you need to start with the physical body and perfect your asanas (postures).


I am also offering Ayurvedic Massage which is a very relaxing and soothing massage with a cleansing effect.

I also offer Private yoga classes in the comfort of your own home or in my private studio.

Ildiko Bakos (Ildy)

About Us

Behind the Scenes of Indian Wellness Academy

Sri VijayAnand

About Anand


Anand (born in India) is a Yogi, international speaker, presenter and visionary. He has worked tirelessly towards the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of humanity through powerful yoga programs, teacher training courses and volunteers to run public service projects.


He embraces the perspective of a holistic energy educator  for the last 30 years in more than 50 countries around the world.


Anand is available to give lectures, demonstrations and facilitate classes around the world.  His 20+ years of organising Teacher Training programs enables him to share his knowledge, experience and passion with others to help them develop and become a confident yoga teacher as well as using the experience for self development.


All of Anand's knowledge can be adapted and delivered through yoga teacher training courses, workshops, seminars, retreats, speaking events, 1-2-1 private sessions (yoga and healing) and regular classes.

Yoga Classes in Ross on Wye, Dymock, Newent and Coleford.

Testimonials from Ildiko's yoga classes


Yoga with Ildy has improved my physical strength and flexibility, as well as making me feel wonderfully energised, relaxed and calm. Throughout the yoga sessions we all receive Ildy's friendly support, encouragement and guidance in equal measure.  She is always aware of the needs of everyone and even raises a giggle here and there.  Taking up yoga with Ildy has been the best decision I have made to improve my health and well-being." Caroline R.



`I really enjoy Ildy`s classes as she pays so much attention to aligment and also she creates such a positive atmosphere, a laugh here and there and we are all just thriving in our poses. I always come away from her classes rejuvenated and refreshed and not only in body but mind too.`

Sarah G.


`Ildy has already shown me the importance of breathing..funny but I've never really thought about it before. I've previously only done fitness yoga so now to realise how much more I can achieve in each pose by being led by my breathing is amazing.  

When I leave her morning class I am so balanced and grounded I feel like I'm shaping my day rather than being a victim of it.`  

Joanne S.


" I have been attending Ildy's Yoga classes and retreats for the past three years and have found the benefits to be amazing. I love Ildy's gentle manner and dedication to all aspects of the practice. She encourages you to develop physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing through meditation, focus on breathing and physical exercises to develop flexibility and strength. Her classes are varied, and I always feel so much better for going. "

Rachel Parham-Connolly


'I have been doing yoga for a number of years now and hugely enjoy the benfits, as it keeps me flexible, strong and uplifted. I have been attending Ildy's classes for a few months  and find her to be a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher, she adjusts the poses to suit the ability of her students, leaving each of us feeling a sense of achievement and improved well being. I can highly recommend her classes'

Sue Hollingshad


" I can't recommend these yoga classes enough. They are well taught and I have loved them.

It's helped  me enormously with regaining flexibility and with strengthening my core muscles.

The teacher is well qualified and knowledgeable. I have benefitted hugely from the relaxation

techniques. The classes are friendly and fun."

Jackie Tweedale


Since discovering Ildy's yoga at the beginning of 2016, I genuinely feel my life is better. I love her calm and encouraging manner and the feeling of peace I leave each class with, along with knowing I am looking after my body. Every class is different, which gives great variety but with enough familiarity to feel comfortable. Ildy is encouraging without being pushy, and has helped me enjoy learning yoga. I also love her restorative yoga and massage - both are wonderful (and sometimes necessary) indulgences which are thoroughly worth treating yourself to.

Clare Morley


Friday morning Yoga is my Retreat!  I enter an oasis of calm and tranquility where I can focus on my breathing and poses to open my mind and body.  I always leave with a sense of well being.  Thank you Ildy.

Brenda G.


I have been going to yoga sessions with Ildy for over two years which is the longest time I have ever in my life committed to something which is so good for me. This is due to her natural, straight-forward, supportive and sometimes humorous approach which means that each yoga session with her is so enjoyable as well as beneficial. Yoga with Ildy has shown me how important it is to look after yourself both physically and mentally as the results after a year are over-whelming - so much more flexible, less achey and thank goodness a much calmer mind!

Katharine R.


Testimonials from Ildiko's massages


My experience of an Ayurvedic massage was one of complete relaxation and bliss.

Ildy is a very friendly and welcoming masseur and I felt at ease straight away.

The bed is a good height and very comfortable.

Deep breaths begin the massage with gentle pressure on your back and then she begins.

The oil is selected to match your skin and relaxation needs and is warm.

As Ildy works through the areas of your body you feel yourself sinking deeper into a state of

Relaxation. Your muscles release and relax completely. When you lie on your back Ildy uses an

Eye pillow which gently covers your eyes and helps you to shut out everything else.

I can highly recommend an Ayurvedic massage with Ildy.

Caroline Bennett


I arrived for my massage with no particular back problems, but I was feeling stiff and stress levels had been creeping up at work. The Ayurvedic massage that Ildy performed was a complete tonic & I left feeling relaxed, soothed and supple! The pressure applied seemed exactly right to get stuck into any knotty areas,  and at times I nearly drifted off to sleep. I will definitely book another massage with Ildy.



“I found the massage Ildy gave me to be relaxing and restorative.  She has a good technique that reached deep into my muscles that certainly need attention.  Body, neck & head benefited from her confident and intuitive touch.  Thank you Ildy - I feel more balanced and look forward to another session.  

Jacquie, Forest of Dean “


'I finally booked a massage with Ildy after being aware of her practice for over a year.  As a qualified therapist myself I find it very hard to find a standard of massage that impresses me, but Ildy is a true professional and natural, she connected with my being and is a far cry from the meat factory workers out there.  I recommend Ildy and she is my choice practitioner now whenever I book a therapy. `

Julie, KIH

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How I can help?



Anand also conducts regular Yoga and Meditation retreats around the world and special teacher training courses in Hatha Yoga (200 hours) and Kundalini Tantra Yoga (300 hours).


1.     Yoga Teacher Training Courses Yoga Alliance Registered

It is a year-long course, which will enable you to immerse yourself in the knowledge of Kundalini and Tantra Yoga and experience the transformational effect of the practice. It will also provide you with the certificate to teach yoga.




2.     Private 1-2-1 sessions (yoga and healing)

Anand enjoys working with clients on a one to one basis because it gives him the opportunity to make a bigger difference to their lives.


An example of issues he can help you with includes:


reducing stress and anxiety

easing digestive problems (such as IBS)

helping with hypertension

managing weight issues

controlling diabetics

couple harmony and relationship issues

and many more!


3.    Karma Vedic Astrology Consultation

In this consultation you can find answers to issues effecting your health, work, creativity and relationship harmony. Including questions such as:


Who am I?

What is my purpose in life?

Why do I always find myself in the same situation - again and again?

How to improve my relationship with my close family and friends?

How can I improve my financial situation?

How to connect to my soul mate?

Why don`t I fit in?


4.    Workshops, seminars and transformational retreats

-        Course for spiritual awareness and self-development

Transformation of the self is the key to personal happiness and spiritual evolution. Spiritual Bio-Alchemy is a process that uses your mind, heart, body and soul to work with the deepest essence of the purpose of your life on earth, to manifest the life that you are truly longing for.

-        Spiritual intimacy and relationship harmony course

Do you feel that your eroticism could use a boost? Do you want to feel more sexy, more alive, spontaneous and playful? To be able to make love more time and with more passion? To be more effective in your meditation practice, as well as have more energy for everyday activities?

-        Transformational Retreats

We invite you for a retreat of transformation. Learn new skills to enhance your life-style and open up your inner potential.

It develops your dynamic willpower to help you overcome old habits; transforming anger, fear and anxiety into positive states of awareness. The transformational retreat will teach you how to put into practice your creative ideas in all spheres of life and how to live in a higher state of consciousness.


5.     Speaking events

Anand is available to give lectures, demonstrations and facilitate classes around the world.

You will appreciate that today the life of every person has become a never ending race against time, technology and targets. This rat race creates tension which leads to dissatisfaction and frustration. Eventually, it manifests itself into psychological and physiological stress with mental and emotional drain. Every passing day intensifies the stress leading to “Excessive Tension” and consequently deterioration in Efficiency and steep rise in the incidences of psychosomatic ailments, such as, anxiety, hypertension, asthma, arthritis, insomnia, ulcer, diabetes, heart disease and many other serious mental and physical ailments.

Anand can help your business, club or society to understand stress and how it affects employees and also provide the coping strategies to improve the health and wellness of your staff and ultimately improving their lives and increasing their productivity.


Testimonials after sessions with Anand

Cant wait till the next session.

I've travelled to many centres and countries over the past decades to learn vedic wisdom, and to find Anand teaching right here where I now live ...  It was such a joy for me to find another traditional teacher of the vedic wisdom.

His humour, sensitivity and perception made his teachings all the more enjoyable.

They say when the student is ready the teacher appears....

Maybe there are many of us who are now ready as this wise, perceptive and humourous teacher has come to us.

Shakti Sue Friston -Yoga teacher Vedic student for 28 years


I found Anand very easy to talk to and felt that he has a wide knowledge of the spectrum of Indian philosophy and a keen and practical understanding of the interplay of female and male energies. Our session was an enjoyable mix of talks and meditation exorcises. I have no hesitation in recommending his workshops.

Matthew Bragg, Shropshire, TM teacher for 37 years


I came away from Anand's workshop feeling wonderful. Full of wonder of how easily, with simple exercises he had produced a deep sense of peace and flow for me. And although I have practised yoga for many years found his facilitation contained new words of wisdom, I had not heard before. These now sit comfortably, like sparkling little gems, within the fabric of my own life's understandings. I am very grateful and glad I decide to attend.


Barbara Osbourne, Birmingham, a TM teacher since 1983

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